About seventy in all, of which some have become classics.

The Flight of the Phoenix, USA, Robert Aldrich, director

Hatari, USA, Regie Howard Hawks, director

Les dimanches de ville d'Avrey, France, Regie Serge Bourguignon, , director, Academy Award 1962

Le franciscain de Bourges, France, Claude Autant-Lara, director

Barry Lyndon, USA, Stanley Kubrick, director

The One That Got Away, UK, Roy Baker, director

Blind Date, UK, Joseph Losey, director

Der letzte Sommer, Germany, Harald Braun, director

Der Rest ist Schweigen, Germany, Helmut Käutner, director

Le chant du monde, France, Marcel Camus, director

Un taxi pour Tobrouk, France, Denys de la Patellière, director

The Secret of Santa Vittoria, USA, Stanley Kramer, director

A Bridge Too Far, USA, Richard Attenborough, director

The Red Tent, USSR/Italy, Mikhail Kalatasow, director


The Flight of the  Phoenix

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World premiere in London;

(left to right) Dan Duryea, Hardy Kruger, James Stewart, Ernest Borgnine

... with James Stewart

... and Richard Attenborough

Kruger, age 15, in his first film

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