At the tender age of eight the skinny boy dreamed two important dreams for his grown up years:  He wanted to fly. And he wanted to write. He woke up to both.

Turning thirteen he flew gliders, and as soon as he had gotten his license for single engine planes, he and his long time friend Dieter Seelmann bought a Cessna 185 and took off to intercontinental flights. For the German TV series Hardy’s Bordbuch (Hardy’s Log Book) they crossed the Mediterranean, making Israel the destination for a film.  Soon after, they took their single engine aircraft up the Nile, went past Mount Kilimanjaro and landed on a dirt road at Hardy’s farm Momella. From there Hardy once flew across a stretch of the Indian Ocean, heading for the little known French islands called Archipel des Comores. Another year Dieter and Hardy took a Cessna 190 from Rio de Janeiro to a tribe of Indios living in the jungle by the river Xingu. Their list of flights to remote places goes on and on.

And his dream of writing? He woke up to that one too. At the age of twelve he put his first story down on paper. In the years to come he wrote and wrote and wrote. Even while acting in international films, he kept his dream alive. But the wait to see his stories being printed, was a wait quite long. It happened when he turned forty, that Germany’s famous Rowohlt published his first book. The title, found by the publisher, was Eine Farm in Afrika (A Farm in Africa). This chronicle of East Africa has never been out of print, from first publication in 1970 to this very day.

Source: Hardy Kruger's notes for his books Wanderjahre and Szenen eines Clowns.

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