They have travelled the world, the beauty with a camera and her man with the computer. Where they liked it best, they stayed. Bathed in harmony. Lived by the Irish saying “When God created time, he created lots of it.” With their eyes wide open, they walked through Rajasthan, Hiva Oa, Taos or along New Zealand's edge of our world, to name a few. They lived in close vicinity with folks who prayed to different gods. Who'd ask, with deep concern, if their burning hot sun wouldn't ruin quite painfully such delicate white skin. Who'd burst into laughter when the Berliner told them Jewish jokes. Who'd teach the German’s woman how to catch lobster with bare hands.

What the couple had lived through, they turned into films. Published their adventures in the years to come as books, three of them, pages filled with photographs by her, and tales by him. Looking for a title, they chose Weltenbummler, with Globetrotter as the English translation coming close.

And they wandered on, these two, calling themselves "traveling companions through life."

Source: Hardy Kruger



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