Ever since Swastikas were seen again, 1957, smeared on the Synagogue of Cologne, there is a deep-felt wrath within Kruger for any Nazi, old or new. People glorifying the "Führer" are his enemies. He speaks in anger of those who try and make us forget that this "Austrian megalomaniac and his gang" have burdened the conscience of Germans with the 70 or 80 million people who lost their lives during that most tragic of all wars, and he never fails to remind his fellow countrymen of a "homeland in ruin" they inherited from the mass murderers of the "Third Reich". The fact that an extreme rightwing party like the NPD was given enough votes to occupy seats in parliaments of two of the German states, and in some cities too, Kruger calls inexcusable. During reading performances from his books, in talk shows, interviews, he calls the NPD "Hitler’s disciples in crime" and demands their ousting from all parliamentary representations by popular vote. Noticing the growing power of Neo-Nazi Parties in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia is a cause of great concern to him.

Source: Skyland Oaks, Inc.


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