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Kruger gave performances in:

Das Messer, Germany, ARD, Rolf von Sydow, director

Sonnenschauer, Germany, ARD, Christan Görlitz, director. Golden Camera Award to Hardy Kruger for script and leading role

War and Remembrance, USA, ABC Network, Dan Curtis, director

Familiengeheimnisse, Germany, ZDF, Carlo Rola, director

Kruger wrote for television:

Hardy's Bordbuch, Germany, ARD, Ule Eith and Hardy Kruger, directors

Weltenbummler, 35 episodes by and with Hardy Kruger

As this list testifies, Hardy Kruger has worked as an actor for television four times only. His major work for TV was done as the writer, director and star of the series Weltenbummler (Globetrotter), which he calls "my short stories written with a camera". In these 35 films he told his audience about the gods and love and happiness and fate of people on all six continents, Antarctica included. A few pictures of his work can be found on the following pages.

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